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SATMovil is a complete webapp for all technical support (SAT) technicians to monitor activity and maintain better contact with their clients.

From this practical tool, you can view all pending tasks, either from a desktop computer or from mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, though an Internet connection is necessary. All the interoperability capabilities as well as the allocations of costs and materials make this app ideal for technicians who need to keep track of their interventions.

Besides helping you plan your pending support tasks, SATMovil lets you manage warnings and support priorities in a totally personalized way. The application can also create and renew maintenance contracts, schedule technical support interventions, and even log invoices for costs and revenues.

Moreover, the webapp is fully compatible with the Android app, where you can view geolocation notices, report on-site with client approval, print labels with a portable printer, generate QR and barcodes, work in offline mode from the mobile device, and even use a customer portal to view alerts and create reports.
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